our commitment

with the environment

As a company pursuing sustainability and the reduction of resources usage, Mesa Ceramics has invested in a new digital-printing technology that’s out of traditional stoneware production models. Higher productivity with the same resources, less waste and the maximum potential use of the raw materials used are the three objectives of this new technology.

The introduction of new developments and production technologies, such as 3D tools and the eco-friendly digital printing ink, allow for low ink gas emissions minimizing the environmental impact of beautiful designs. It uses a very low quantity of ink per piece and does not contain substrates producing no waste.

The ecological footprint of each product is reduced by both the use of digital-printing technology and the single firing kiln, associated with all other smaller changes that make the difference each day.

Ceramic Raw Material

Local supplier (distance between 50 and 150km)

Recycling of 100% body production waste.


Local suppliers <50km

Recycled unbleached boxes

100% recycled plastic film

Energy & Gas emissions

Natural gas and electricity

State-of-the-art kiln for single firing

Electronic devices to adjust power consumption to the real needs

Reuse of heat generated by the kiln in dryers 

Solar panels – 728000KWH/year of self consumption


40% recycling of industrial wastewater.

Own ETARI with no discharge into the environment.

Effluent quality monthly controlled by accredited laboratories.

Industrial Waste

Recycling or reuse of 95% of waste generated Integrated Management System for: separation > collection > identification > storage > forwarding to licensed operators.

Chemical Substances

By having Digital Printing (before body firing) as the decoration technology the use of chemical substances is residual and the waste is nil.

Decorated pieces are single fired.