Care in use

Recommendations to take the best out of your MESA fine stoneware



  •  Before usage, inspect all pieces and wash thoroughly before utilization.
  •  Do not use abrasive detergents and don’t apply the detergents directly on the ceramic’s surfaces.
  • Use appropriate detergent quantities as well as detergents indicated for ceramics.
  • Clean and remove leftovers after using, wash within 30-40 minutes of use.
  • To avoid harsh metal marking use plastic/silicone spatulas on the pieces.
  • When using a dishwasher, make sure to clean it frequently so there’s no limescale build up that may harm ceramic pieces.
  • Let the items fully dry before stacking or putting them away.
  • Avoid pilling cutlery on top of the ceramics, especially when cleaning.
  • Preferably store the pieces on safe spaces, either stainless steel or with a shelf mat, to avoid metal marking.
  • Keep ceramics, glassware and metals separate.
  • Do not store the pieces while wet.
  • Do not stack items not designed for it and don’t over stack so there’s no scratching due to weight.
  • Do not stack with products from other suppliers.

preventing scratching & metal marking


  • During stacking process don’t move around the pieces on each other.
  • Avoid pressing lower grade cutlery on the surface, as it will cause metal marking damage.
  • Do not slide, always lift products.
  • Do not put hot wet dishes into contact with aluminium surfaces.
  • Do not energetically place items on the sink as they can get scratched against each other

MESA Stoneware can withstand a ∆T = 160ºC

  • Warm gradually & evenly.
  • Avoid excess temperature variations such as taking the tableware from the fridge into the oven.

Our products are food safe and use digital printing as the decoration technology. The decoration is fused into the glazes during the single firing process.