As a company pursuing sustainability and the reduction of resources usage, Mesa Ceramics has invested in a new digital-printing technology that’s out of traditional stoneware production models. Higher productivity with the same resources, less waste and the maximum potential use of the raw materials used are the three objectives of this new technology.

The introduction of new developments and production technologies, such as 3D tools and the eco-friendly digital printing ink, allow for low ink gas emissions minimizing the environmental impact of beautiful designs. It uses a very low quantity of ink per piece and does not contain substrates producing no waste.

The ecological footprint of each product is reduced by both the use of digital-printing technology and the single firing kiln, associated with all other smaller changes that make the difference each day.

I have always aimed to deliver the best comfort food cooked with love, patience and traditional fresh elements. Our restaurant has a very traditional decoration complemented with the modern and on-trend tableware provided by Mesa Ceramics.”

Chef Lidia Brás

The right plate is just as important as the quality of the food we present in it. It’s really all about the entire experience that we offer to our clients.

Chef Carlos Silva