Founded in 2017, Mesa Ceramics is a young, innovative company dedicated to stoneware manufacturing and design. High quality, modern pieces are the mark of this company. Our main goal is to develop an excellence production complemented by the best customer service. Based in Portugal, a country known by its historical stoneware heritage, our know-how allies to the best use of state-of-the-art technology. The flexibility of our eco-friendly digital-printing technology gives us the ability to create different types of decórs. Design creativity has no limits at MESA due to this investment and our clients benefit from unique pieces on the market.

Every single day at MESA means the pursuit of efficiency, innovation and environmental awareness of our production while also looking for our human resources and respecting human rights.

Our commitment is to serve the HoReCa market and become a partner that cares for the needs and wishes of the best market players. From our small local restaurant to big chain companies, MESA strives to be the best manufacturer to meet their needs. Our highly competent human resource team, from production to strategic planning, combined with our eco-friendly digital printing technology, modern design and product customization are differentiated and add value to our clients.

Mesa’s designs for the HoReCa market complement the best culinary creations giving chefs and cuisine connoisseurs new different options to choose from and make a mark.


FOB shipping through Porto de Leixões (46km)

The HoReCa sector is Mesa Ceramics’ new priority due to the increase and attractiveness of tourism, as well as the exponential growth of trained chefs in haute cuisine around the world. The tableware created especially for this sector aims to reflect the style, passion, innovation and exclusivity of our partners and customers.

Mesa Ceramics aims to be on the table of trendy and recognised restaurants and hotels worldwide. The beauty, utility and exclusivity of our tableware allows our hotel and restaurant partners to create their own image and to stand out from the competition.

We aim to be on the table of trendy and recognized restaurants and hotels worldwide. The beauty, utility and exclusivity of our tableware allows our hotel and restaurant partners to create their own image and to stand out from the competition.


Stramuntana, Portugal

Chef Lídia Brás head of Stramuntana Restaurant sought to create a restaurant in the heart of a busy portuguese city but with all the elements of the traditional small
villages of the north of Portugal. 

“I have always aimed to deliver the best comfort food cooked with love, patience and traditional fresh elements.” 

Our restaurant has a very traditional decoration complemented with the modern and on-trend tableware provided by Mesa Ceramics. We want to create a full experience and keep things as true as possible, and that is why we give preference to durable, resistant plates with earthy colors and a touch of modernity achieved with the lovely textures of the plates and bowls. We love the Urban Basalto on metallic colors, the Nogal in coupe shape and shades of white and bege or the Rondo
plate with an old touch because these collections helps us tell our story, the story of belonging, of traditional food brought to new places and to a new Era.

“It’s truly the best complement to find clients that rate our restaurant as “best comfort food cooked just like a true Portuguese grandmother”.

Monverde, portugal

Chef Carlos Silva and his team have always given great importance to the quality and differentiating character of the tableware used in the Monverde Restaurant. The main focus of the restaurant has always been the desire to maintain the traditional roots of the region, one of the richest in Portugal in terms of gastronomy, and giving it a new look, by presenting light and colorful dishes, combining the fresh products of Quinta da Lixa with the usual flavors. With a multifaced tasting menu, which positions itself as a real awakening of the senses, Chef Carlos Silva is utilizing several different ranges from Mesa Ceramics as they are committed to ensuring that tableware enhances the overall eating experience. “We love to use the best seasonal ingredients from our local producers along with the right plate to intensify the experience. That’s why we go from the glamourous metallic plates to shades of white and bege and a strong cobalto colour that really makes our creations pop up! The right plate is just important has the quality of the food we present in it. It’s really all about the entire experience that we offer to our clients”.

At Monverde you will find the best-selling Mesa Ceramics collections that combine on-trend reactive glazes with digital printing to create unique looks that help elevate the presentation of food and at the same time create a strong identity for the restaurant.