Orange is the new black

Jupiter is a collection based on a speckly terracotta matte glaze which is complemented with a circle like décor that reminds the planet Jupiter, its rings and bright orange atmosphere.

The cloudy and mysterious décor has been inspired by another collection, the Enigma collection, which was a black version of Jupiter, completely embodying the “orange is the new black”.

Along with the trend for 2024, betting on bold, strong colours for the classy options, Jupiter also brings a mysterious look to any table, representing the chicness and luxury that most customers look for when venturing into unknown territory of different choices for their table. The choice for a new set of tableware can be difficult in search of the perfect character in the pieces, but we’re sure that Jupiter unveils confidence, bravery and a touch of elegance and sophistication. Consequently, Jupiter is the new black.

Uno Dinner plate 28 Jupiter
Jupiter Dinner Plate 28
Jupiter Uno bowl
Coupe Plate 27 - Enigma