Tableware International HoReCa Magazine

Presenting MESA CERAMICS as a new safe bet for HoReCa channel players.

We are now sharing with you our new commitment to hospitality services and our effort to become a trustworthy partner for your HoReCa business.

The commitment with hospitality at Mesa reflects on our steady growth in this market. In order to thrive and serve the best players, we offer quality tableware especially made for this sector.

Highlighted at Tableware international HoReCa Magazine, we were mentioned along with our Monverde and Stramuntana partners´ creations.

At Monverde you will find the best-selling Mesa Ceramics collections that combine on-trend reactive glazes with digital printing to create unique looks that help elevate the presentation of food and at the same time create a strong identity for the restaurant. And at Stramuntana you are able to find a very traditional decoration complemented with the modern tableware provided by Mesa Ceramics.

The magazine also features Mesa Uno collection which began life in retail but transitioned to HoReCa due to popularity. Its contemporary design with unique character and feel, eco-friendly, durable is perfectly suited for hospitality. Mesa Uno metamorphosed into exciting new collections with different colors, textures and digital print designs that really established themselves as one of Mesa Ceramics’ best sellers in retail and hospitality.

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